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With mentor • 3 lessons • 3,709 students

The Pastor's training is an online course that GlobalRize created together with NET foundation. The course consists of 10 modules, including topics like God's way of salvation and His call to ministry, preaching and teaching, pastoral care, marriage and family, servant leadership.

Each module consists of several lessons. Your personal mentor who will give feedback to your answers and you can ask follow-up questions to him or her.

Each module is to be completed within approximately one month.  It is therefore estimated that this intensive course will take about 10 months to finish.

At the end of every module, you will receive a certificate if your mentor is satisfied with your progress.

This enrollment is to determine whether you can be admitted to the Pastor's training.

This course may be suitable, if you:

  • Are serving as a pastor in your church;

  • And have had little or no opportunity to receive pastors training;

  • And have at least completed the ‘Bible basics’ or ‘Life of Jesus’ course.

Please make a serious effort to provide us with information about your personal situation in this form.

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