Walk with Jesus - Enrollment Course

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What is ‘Walk with Jesus’?

Walk with Jesus is a 16-week course consisting of 8 2-week lessons, brought to you by GlobalRize, the organization that also brings biblword.net and the online courses BiblBasics and the Life of Jesus. Walk with Jesus helps you to grow in your faith, so that you become the person God wants you to be.

In Walk with Jesus You will focus on knowing, being, and doing. You need to know God. You need to be like Jesus. You need to do God’s will. Each lesson will focus on one of these aspects. You have two weeks to work through the questions and assignments of each lesson. The first week you will receive mentoring from your online mentor (key bible passage, explanation, questions). The second week you will teach the lesson content and go through the assignment with a buddy.

Your buddy should be a fellow Christian, for instance in your church. Given the nature of the course, we prefer you to select a same-sex buddy (male/male, female/female), but there may be (few) exceptions to this general rule.

This enrollment “course” is to determine whether you can be admitted to the Walk with Jesus discipleship course.

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